A information graphic design

The Life of Salmon

Everyone should have a clear lifeline. Therefore, I tried to represent the spirit of the salmon with infographics. The investigation on salmon is carried based on the clue of time: fertilization- hatching- juvenile fish– adult fish- adventure- migration- oviposition- death, as well as how each process occurs and the time it takes. The research covers other information including salmon classification, geographic distribution of different salmons, analysis of nutrition contained in the fish meat, comparison of quantity propagated between wild and cultured salmons, the danger they face during migration, etc.

The whole creation process made me fully comprehend that I should enrich my life. Life means more than survival. I must go through the nature, humanism, science and technology, society and history. Although everyone has his own mission, yet in an ultimate sense, their missions are same, that is, strive for further development. After completing the infographic, I think life can be concluded with three words: experience, exploration and sublimation. That’s because the motivation of all the creation comes from my inner desire.

The Background of  The Life of Salmon

There is a clear lifeline spanning the life cycle of the salmon: they grow regardless of all hardships; they experience and swim from the calm lake to the sea despite the unpredictable dangers to complete all stages of life; they fulfill their mission and return to their birthplace to reproduce despite difficulties even at the cost of life. The lifeline makes the life of a salmon magnificent.

The life of a salmon is amazing as it is full of danger and solemnness. They overcome all kinds of difficulties, avoid countless dangers, and in the last moment of life, swim against the tide to lay eggs in their birth place even if this means death. Maybe it is driven by genetics instead of a self-motivated awareness. But in the eyes of humans, it is still moving, inspirational and thought-provoking.

The Experience of Salmon

Experience: no matter how hard it is, the salmon has to swim to the rough sea to go through the different stages of life. Mission: no matter how dangerous it is, it has to swim back to the birth place to reproduce, even at the cost of its life. The most magnificent moment is when the river is roaring, but they cannot stop to eat anything but desperately swim upwards. Once they stop, they will be washed away by the roaring river. Thus, the only way is to swim upwards all the time. Their body turn red when they arrive at the destination, because they have exhausted their strengths.

The Creative Thinking of  The Life of Salmon

We strive to grow up to be mature at whatever cost. For the sake of maturity, we should experience nature, humanities, society and history to make our life perfect. More importantly, we need a sense of mission and we should live not only for survival. There is a mission behind our life. Although the missions seem to be different for different people, yet they should be the same in an ultimate sense, that is, we strive to build a more harmonious and wonderful world for ourselves and future generations. In real life, too many people have ignored the importance of maturity so that they become lazy, mediocre and boring. Too many people have ignored the importance of experience so that they become timid, narrow-minded and stubborn. Too many people have left their mission behind so that they become weak, confused and lost.

The Life of Salmon

There used to be a lot of salmons in Northeast China, In the early days after the founding of the People's Republic of China, there still were. Canada's environmental protection is good, but in the past few years, salmon have not migrated to their birth place for two or three years in a row. The Canadian government was panic and asked experts to investigate, but there has been no result. Salmons migrated again last year, so people breathed a sigh of relief. I would estimate that. Canadian salmons swim as far as the north of the sea of Japan and the south of the Bering sea. The fishing amount of nearby countries is extremely large. Two or three years without salmon migration means that the salmons for that period are extinct. I really hope that humans can have a regular rest for fishing and let them grow.

What I learned from The Life of Salmon

People should make life more mature by experiencing nature, humanity, society and history. They need a sense of mission. Everyone has a different mission, but in the ultimate sense, their missions are the same: to live a better life in the harmonious natural world.

Could the numerous people who watch this work get an inspiration from the salmons and think of their own destiny?