A handmade concept book

Silver Mirror

The whole process explains the concept book from the perspective of thinking. As the author, I try to explore the possibility and paradox of future co-creation between human and cold metallic materials. It is a plane design and also an unfathomable mirror image, creating infinite possibilities for the future. Everyone can find himself from it.

Some people like it because of its beauty, some people avoid it because of its being real, and still, some people would like to tear it up.There are one thousand Hamlets in the eyes of one thousand readers. I didn't place the silver mirror design within the rules of traditional books design, because I hope every reader can feel not only the texture and poetic beauty but also their own strength which is inner imagination.

The Background of Sliver Mirror

The design of Silver Mirror was inspired by my observation and reflection of life.

Aluminum foil can be seen everywhere in our life, such as: storage beef, aircraft meals, cigarette packages, etc. Being fuzzy, fragile, and rich in folded changes, metallic luster reflectance is its major characteristic.




The Material Comparison

Mirror:  non-friable reflective material with smooth surface and hard texture.

Tinfoil:  handicraft products with soft texture and good insulation that generally can be independently layered, folded and distorted.

Aluminium foil:  thermo-printing material with hard and smooth texture. Generally, it’s brushed in the paper and easy to be oxidized. Therefore, it cannot be preserved for a long time.

A Thingking and Meditation

W hen people look at the aluminum foil, they can see distorted shapes and blurred images. It is like looking into a mirror with a vague feeling of their own existence. It is like yearning, doubt and even fear towards the unknown future. Then, I designed it as a symbol of the future based on the rich fold changes and fuzzy visual effects of the tin foil. Can we really read pages made of only 0.006-0.3mm aluminum foil paper? What kind of content can form contradictory contrast with the icy texture? Can this form of reading be seen as a conversation with the unknown?

The Experimental Practice of Sliver Mirror

I combined edible aluminum foil paper and 120g coated paper as the carrier of tin foil. In terms of content, I quoted the surrealist and romantic poetry, including the French surrealist poet Paul Éluard's work: "I make you as great as my loneliness". I engraved the words by intaglio. The deliverable is a non-binding concept book that can be flipped or folded at will.


  The Carrier of Sliver Mirror

The most representative poet I chose is Robert Bly, the primary champion and representative poet of “New Surrealism” (which is also known as “Deep Imagism”) in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s. He took life as poem and poem as life, and his passion towards poem never faded. He tried to break free from poetic rhymes while maintaining the mind of justice.


Exhibition mode: immersive display

A Silver Mirror concept book.
A painted slivery weedtree display stand.
A  silvery aluminum foil membrane sofa.



The Main Purpose of Sliver Mirror

The rich wrinkles and vague visual effects of tinfoil are deeply rooted in my mind, and I use it as a symbol of the future. Then I incorporated in this mirror material, the opposite of clear and romantic surrealist poetry.

The Creative Idea

Based on the rich folds and fuzzy visual effects of the tin foil, I made it as a symbol of the future. I then incorporated the sprightly romantic surrealist poetry into this mirrored material as opposed to its physical features.