A narrative interpretation experience

Line 3

Taking MR wearable devices, Holographic projection and EEG headset to activate the ability to reflect and reconstruct the society of the spectacles, by bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, and exploring the relationship between internal statements and external surroundings, basing on Mindfulness and Line of flight.


The BACKGROUND of  Line 3
Photography in Beijing
Jun—Dec, 2018

As the Society of the Spectacle becomes more and more robust, the points, lines, and segments regular contemporary people, and then the attention of people becomes more precious and equivalent.

It is the time for us to re-attempt to jump out of these cycles of squeezing life.

The CONCEPT of Line 3
Line of flight and

Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment.
In this experience, we used the Five-Aggregate Model of the Mind in mindfulness to activate the ability to control attention.

Line of flight (French: ligne de fuite) is a concept developed by Gilles Deleuze and used extensively in his work with Félix Guattari, which emphasizes how things connect rather than how they 'are', and tendencies that could evolve in creative mutations rather than a 'reality' that is an inversion of the past. Also, everyone has such a line of light - the opposite of giving up and submissive, a new kind of happiness. In this experiment, we inspire people to find their flight line by breaking the segments.

The PROTOTYPE of Line 3 
Riemannian Geometry
The horizontal axis

"In the horizontal stroke, on the other hand, we see the earth, in which life flows evenly and  everything moves on the same plane."
<< the Book of Sign>> Rudolf Koch

From the perspective of semiotics, the horizontal axis is generally used to present the earth, where life flows evenly, and everything moves in the same Riemannian geom

The PROCESS for how to use EGG headset
Microsoft HoloLens

EGG headset makes a possibility for interaction between "line 3" and participants.
(the attention data from participants can be detected, recorded, and output to "line3", which could be seen in MR scenes and affect the growth velocity of "line 3".

The FLOW of Line 3

The experience is based on a narrative streamline.

The FLOW of Line 3
The first step

Taking the five senses fabrics, the access to input and output, as the starting point of human cognition and starting point for your unknown roaming story.

The FLOW of Line 3
The second step

The complete person is shaped, and the human movement trajectory forms the line. The line is the incarnation of the information, the telescopic eye movement accelerates, and your attention begins to accelerate with the information line.

The FLOW of Line 3
The third step

As the intersection of the many lines is split from each other, the segments are formed, and a piece of discontinuous information segments constitutes Society of the Spectacle in front of us. At this moment, just under your nose, your attention has already been cut and absorbed, and you even have no time to react to it.

The FLOW of Line 3
The forth step

Here is the critical point where these information points are collapsing into binary. Fortunately, in this plane, you witness this delirious instant spectacle through your only remaining attention.


The FLOW of Line 3
The fifth step

Don't worry.  We are in the logical room of null, a space that does not exist in the Euclidean world. As you enter, the smooth, flat and smooth land stretches under your feet and even surpasses the barriers of the room. 

The FLOW of Line 3
The fifth step

Outside the walls seems to wander a face, like a ruler of "the null room," and you look carefully, but stunned found that it is your face. Even if the face changes a lot, you will never tell it in mistakes. Then You stare at the face and fall into Fall into meditation for a long time until the feeling of worship is gradually retreating. At the moment ,the face that seems to belong to you begins to smile, and you have the power to catch your attention for the first time.

The FLOW of Line 3
The sixth step

Just out of "the room" named null, you found a red dot and observe it: it starts to spin quickly, grow, and It is fire to take what comes naturally.  With the movement of new life, you come to the cube separated from the room, the new creature is swarming out of the group, fast or slow, concentrated or scattered,  and you are pleasantly surprised to find that the new life is your  line of flight and firmly believe it's a Tangent line leading you to jump out old loop.

The REPOTERS of Line 3

Data Visualization
Thanks for all of friends coming.

The FLOW of Line 3

At the end of the story
You took down the MR wearable device, which I don't think you need it anymore, setting off along your line3.