A narrative interpretation experience

Line 3

Taking MR wearable devices, Holographic projection and EEG headset to activate the ability to reflect and reconstruct the society of the spectacles, by bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, and exploring the relationship between internal statements and external surroundings, basing on Mindfulness and Line of flight.


The BACKGROUND of  Line 3
Photography in Beijing
Jun—Dec, 2018

As the Society of the Spectacle becomes more and more robust, the points, lines, and segments regular contemporary people, and then the attention of people becomes more precious and equivalent.

It is the time for us to re-attempt to jump out of these cycles of squeezing life.

The CONCEPT of Line 3
Line of flight and

Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment.
In this experience, we used the Five-Aggregate Model of the Mind in mindfulness to activate the ability to control attention.

Line of flight (French: ligne de fuite) is a concept developed by Gilles Deleuze and used extensively in his work with Félix Guattari, which emphasizes how things connect rather than how they 'are', and tendencies that could evolve in creative mutations rather than a 'reality' that is an inversion of the past. Also, everyone has such a line of light - the opposite of giving up and submissive, a new kind of happiness. In this experiment, we inspire people to find their flight line by breaking the segments.

The PROTOTYPE of Line 3 
Riemannian Geometry
The horizontal axis

"In the horizontal stroke, on the other hand, we see the earth, in which life flows evenly and  everything moves on the same plane."
<< the Book of Sign>> Rudolf Koch

From the perspective of semiotics, the horizontal axis is generally used to present the earth, where life flows evenly, and everything moves in the same Riemannian geom

The PROCESS for how to use EGG headset
Microsoft HoloLens

EGG headset makes a possibility for interaction between "line 3" and participants.
(the attention data from participants can be detected, recorded, and output to "line3", which could be seen in MR scenes and affect the growth velocity of "line 3".

The FLOW of Line 3

The experience is based on a narrative streamline.

The FLOW of Line 3
The first step

Taking the five senses fabrics, the access to input and output, as the starting point of human cognition and starting point for your unknown roaming story.

The FLOW of Line 3
The second step

The complete person is shaped, and the human movement trajectory forms the line. The line is the incarnation of the information, the telescopic eye movement accelerates, and your attention begins to accelerate with the information line.

The FLOW of Line 3
The third step

As the intersection of the many lines is split from each other, the segments are formed, and a piece of discontinuous information segments constitutes Society of the Spectacle in front of us. At this moment, just under your nose, your attention has already been cut and absorbed, and you even have no time to react to it.

The FLOW of Line 3
The forth step

Here is the critical point where these information points are collapsing into binary. Fortunately, in this plane, you witness this delirious instant spectacle through your only remaining attention.


The FLOW of Line 3
The fifth step

Don't worry.  We are in the logical room of null, a space that does not exist in the Euclidean world. As you enter, the smooth, flat and smooth land stretches under your feet and even surpasses the barriers of the room. 

The FLOW of Line 3
The fifth step

Outside the walls seems to wander a face, like a ruler of "the null room," and you look carefully, but stunned found that it is your face. Even if the face changes a lot, you will never tell it in mistakes. Then You stare at the face and fall into Fall into meditation for a long time until the feeling of worship is gradually retreating. At the moment ,the face that seems to belong to you begins to smile, and you have the power to catch your attention for the first time.

The FLOW of Line 3
The sixth step

Just out of "the room" named null, you found a red dot and observe it: it starts to spin quickly, grow, and It is fire to take what comes naturally.  With the movement of new life, you come to the cube separated from the room, the new creature is swarming out of the group, fast or slow, concentrated or scattered,  and you are pleasantly surprised to find that the new life is your  line of flight and firmly believe it's a Tangent line leading you to jump out old loop.

The REPOTERS of Line 3

Data Visualization
Thanks for all of friends coming.

The FLOW of Line 3

At the end of the story
You took down the MR wearable device, which I don't think you need it anymore, setting off along your line3.

An immersive experiment video

Cosmic String

To represent the boundaries of time, space, humanity, religion, science and technology. A combination of graphic design and three-dimension is employed to describe the temporal and spatial overlaps.

The purpose is to break through the limitations within dimensions. A pure and intense style that makes vision and hearing psychedelic. After the bewilderment of thinking, going beyond the inherent frameworks. Entering a space that is infinite to the future.

The BACKGROUND of Cosmic String
Zen Buddhism

I come from an Eastern family. I learned Taiji boxing and meditation from my grandfather when I was young. I learned Chinese painting from famous painters, then I knew about multi-religious culture.

In Zen Buddhism, it is explained as follows: human beings feel life all the time and live a very uncomfortable life. The main reason is that we are trapped by the inherent thought, and rationality has become the basis of people’s survival. Because traditional religions have various connections with the universe, I want to draw inspiration and methods from religious culture and philosophy to express the theme of cosmic strings.

The Quantum Consciousness

Quantum consciousness is not summed up in science.It is experiential, unrepeatable and unverifiable. The phenomenon is that human beings cannot clearly distinguish between what is subjective and what is objective.

The Chinese Link
I usually practice painting when I am alone, so that I can think better.When I draw, my hands and heart are directly connected, so what I draw can better reflect my original intention.

Drawing is a habit that I have developed since I was a child. It can make my mood more calm, so that I can better meditate, brew and explore my inner world.

In this age of information fragmentation, time and space exist in parallel and at the same time are contradictory. In the future, the development of scientific art and scientific art will be irresistible. This work describes my exploration of the interdisciplinary experimental development of time and space, life, science and religion

The  Storyboard and Transfer of Cosmic String

Storyboard 1: the high-tech metal optical frame is suspended on the face of the Buddha (without any carrier), and there is a buddhist hand on the upper right to deliver eye drops. 

Storyboard 2: the buddhist hand breaks apart the wormhole/black hole, and then the light shines into the picture in order to explore if time has the direction and holes.

Storyboard 3: the picture stretches out a positive buddhist hand (slowly open or directly open hand) and holds up a child -- the buddhist hand is turned over to the reverse space later. In the process of movement, the child turns into an old man or Buddha. At this time, the gesture is opposite. (Positive space: small - big - old - dead. Reverse-space: old - big - small – dead.

Storyboard 4: when the child becomes an old man. As the hand moves from the front to the back, setting the camera’s lights to dim, and then the child becomes old. The dynamic of the transition ends with the child spinning above the old man’s shoulders.

Storyboard 5: space-time collapses, and two black holes (stars collapse) devour each other. Part of the Buddha’s face collapses (rendering material: tinted metal), replacing the head with the Buddha’s face.

Storyboard 6: deconstruction of eight words of “parallel universe, multidimensional space”, eight pages of 3D sketches.

Storyboard 7: after the conversion of eight words, there appeared a close-up of the face, mainly the Buddha’s eye (top view!). And then zoom in and out -- zoom in behind eyes -- and the big picture of the Buddha’s eyes is two hands in the air

End shot: surreal scene -- hands and metal rings are rotating -- hands and rings gradually become smaller and farther away until they disappear, leaving only one point -- black screen.

The  Planar Space of Cosmic String

Multiple images (only with height and width) are placed in the picture parallel to the picture. There is no distance between the images, no thickness between the images, and the space surrounding these images has no depth. Such space form is called planar space, also known as two-dimensional planar space. Planar space is the simplest among various spatial forms, and its existence condition must be reflected by the gap between the forms. Modeling elements and spatial elements in the picture are expressed in the language form of plane, so the planar spatial relationship appears to be very simple and strong.

The  Hallucinatory Space of Cosmic String

Hallucinatory space refers to that the object is in the picture but not parallel to the picture. It has a three-dimensional sense of height, width and thickness. In the graphic design, it is the hallucinatory space, also known as the three-dimensional space. It shows the three-dimensional relationship between length, width and height. In the hallucinatory space, the objects are far or near, before or behind so that a sense of depth can be felt.

1. Use the size difference of shape to express the sense of space. The size of the same image, due to the distance and proximity of different sizes of feeling, the large object feels close to us, the small object feels far from us. It forms a sense of distance between shapes, which also reflects the depth of space in the picture.  2. Use the form of the interval density expression of space sense.
The variation of density between small shapes or lines can create a sense of space. The greater the spacing, the closer it feels to us, and the smaller the spacing, the farther it feels to us. There is a sense of undulating spatial distance.  3. The surface of the transition can show the sense of space.
A plane with no turning is only a representation of two-dimensional space in the plane composition. Once there is a turning relationship of the plane, the image will have a three-dimensional effect of height, width and thickness in the picture. We can also use curve, broken lines and their repeated arrangements to form half-stereo space levels.

The  Theory on Design

The separation, encounter, penetration, union, reduction, difference and overlapping of forms can represent planar space. However, the overlapping of forms reflects the front and rear or upper and lower relations between forms, with spatial depth, which is the expression of three-dimensional space.

As the line of sight shifts back and forth between the graph and the bottom, the meaning of the graph and the bottom also changes accordingly. When the original graph retires to become the bottom, the original bottom suddenly becomes the graph. The repeated transformation between the graph and the bottom makes the representation of planar space in the picture have double meanings. When a graph is the same size as a base, positions are contested, resulting in an endless cycle of uncertainty, volatility, and shifting between the two. The dynamic feeling and interest brought by the transformation of the bottom of the picture make the planar space show unpredictable spatial effect, enhance the readability of the picture, add interest and mystery to the work, and strengthen visual communication.

How to Subversion Cognitive Concepts

The combination of art and technology can clearly lead to the future.

Art can switch freely between reality and fantasy, free from thought and ethics. However, science is in a relatively stable and orderly normal state in the universe. The two are very different and inseparable. There must be paranormal phenomena in the universe. What is called paranormal phenomenon by people? Those strange phenomena that cannot be explained by science are called paranormal phenomena. When people can’t explain paranormal phenomena with science, art develops boundless ability. Art can reveal cracks in things and turn the reliability of matter into a surreal blur.

A handmade concept book

Silver Mirror

The whole process explains the concept book from the perspective of thinking. As the author, I try to explore the possibility and paradox of future co-creation between human and cold metallic materials. It is a plane design and also an unfathomable mirror image, creating infinite possibilities for the future. Everyone can find himself from it.

Some people like it because of its beauty, some people avoid it because of its being real, and still, some people would like to tear it up.There are one thousand Hamlets in the eyes of one thousand readers. I didn't place the silver mirror design within the rules of traditional books design, because I hope every reader can feel not only the texture and poetic beauty but also their own strength which is inner imagination.

The Background of Sliver Mirror

The design of Silver Mirror was inspired by my observation and reflection of life.

Aluminum foil can be seen everywhere in our life, such as: storage beef, aircraft meals, cigarette packages, etc. Being fuzzy, fragile, and rich in folded changes, metallic luster reflectance is its major characteristic.




The Material Comparison

Mirror:  non-friable reflective material with smooth surface and hard texture.

Tinfoil:  handicraft products with soft texture and good insulation that generally can be independently layered, folded and distorted.

Aluminium foil:  thermo-printing material with hard and smooth texture. Generally, it’s brushed in the paper and easy to be oxidized. Therefore, it cannot be preserved for a long time.

A Thingking and Meditation

W hen people look at the aluminum foil, they can see distorted shapes and blurred images. It is like looking into a mirror with a vague feeling of their own existence. It is like yearning, doubt and even fear towards the unknown future. Then, I designed it as a symbol of the future based on the rich fold changes and fuzzy visual effects of the tin foil. Can we really read pages made of only 0.006-0.3mm aluminum foil paper? What kind of content can form contradictory contrast with the icy texture? Can this form of reading be seen as a conversation with the unknown?

The Experimental Practice of Sliver Mirror

I combined edible aluminum foil paper and 120g coated paper as the carrier of tin foil. In terms of content, I quoted the surrealist and romantic poetry, including the French surrealist poet Paul Éluard's work: "I make you as great as my loneliness". I engraved the words by intaglio. The deliverable is a non-binding concept book that can be flipped or folded at will.


  The Carrier of Sliver Mirror

The most representative poet I chose is Robert Bly, the primary champion and representative poet of “New Surrealism” (which is also known as “Deep Imagism”) in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s. He took life as poem and poem as life, and his passion towards poem never faded. He tried to break free from poetic rhymes while maintaining the mind of justice.


Exhibition mode: immersive display

A Silver Mirror concept book.
A painted slivery weedtree display stand.
A  silvery aluminum foil membrane sofa.



The Main Purpose of Sliver Mirror

The rich wrinkles and vague visual effects of tinfoil are deeply rooted in my mind, and I use it as a symbol of the future. Then I incorporated in this mirror material, the opposite of clear and romantic surrealist poetry.

The Creative Idea

Based on the rich folds and fuzzy visual effects of the tin foil, I made it as a symbol of the future. I then incorporated the sprightly romantic surrealist poetry into this mirrored material as opposed to its physical features.

Embrace solitude with patience

Poetic Solitude

Reclusion is a kind of spiritual training.

In this age of alienation, a surprising problem is the lack of necessary loneliness.

However, every life is exploring how to find a balance in it, and solitude is a way of reclusion. This video work expresses my understanding and exploration of the power of poetic loneliness and reclusion.

The CONCEPT of  Poetic Solitude

Solitude is a spiritual discipline.

I enjoy my moments of solitude before the pressures of the day began in earnest.

A information graphic design

The Life of Salmon

Everyone should have a clear lifeline. Therefore, I tried to represent the spirit of the salmon with infographics. The investigation on salmon is carried based on the clue of time: fertilization- hatching- juvenile fish– adult fish- adventure- migration- oviposition- death, as well as how each process occurs and the time it takes. The research covers other information including salmon classification, geographic distribution of different salmons, analysis of nutrition contained in the fish meat, comparison of quantity propagated between wild and cultured salmons, the danger they face during migration, etc.

The whole creation process made me fully comprehend that I should enrich my life. Life means more than survival. I must go through the nature, humanism, science and technology, society and history. Although everyone has his own mission, yet in an ultimate sense, their missions are same, that is, strive for further development. After completing the infographic, I think life can be concluded with three words: experience, exploration and sublimation. That’s because the motivation of all the creation comes from my inner desire.

The Background of  The Life of Salmon

There is a clear lifeline spanning the life cycle of the salmon: they grow regardless of all hardships; they experience and swim from the calm lake to the sea despite the unpredictable dangers to complete all stages of life; they fulfill their mission and return to their birthplace to reproduce despite difficulties even at the cost of life. The lifeline makes the life of a salmon magnificent.

The life of a salmon is amazing as it is full of danger and solemnness. They overcome all kinds of difficulties, avoid countless dangers, and in the last moment of life, swim against the tide to lay eggs in their birth place even if this means death. Maybe it is driven by genetics instead of a self-motivated awareness. But in the eyes of humans, it is still moving, inspirational and thought-provoking.

The Experience of Salmon

Experience: no matter how hard it is, the salmon has to swim to the rough sea to go through the different stages of life. Mission: no matter how dangerous it is, it has to swim back to the birth place to reproduce, even at the cost of its life. The most magnificent moment is when the river is roaring, but they cannot stop to eat anything but desperately swim upwards. Once they stop, they will be washed away by the roaring river. Thus, the only way is to swim upwards all the time. Their body turn red when they arrive at the destination, because they have exhausted their strengths.

The Creative Thinking of  The Life of Salmon

We strive to grow up to be mature at whatever cost. For the sake of maturity, we should experience nature, humanities, society and history to make our life perfect. More importantly, we need a sense of mission and we should live not only for survival. There is a mission behind our life. Although the missions seem to be different for different people, yet they should be the same in an ultimate sense, that is, we strive to build a more harmonious and wonderful world for ourselves and future generations. In real life, too many people have ignored the importance of maturity so that they become lazy, mediocre and boring. Too many people have ignored the importance of experience so that they become timid, narrow-minded and stubborn. Too many people have left their mission behind so that they become weak, confused and lost.

The Life of Salmon

There used to be a lot of salmons in Northeast China, In the early days after the founding of the People's Republic of China, there still were. Canada's environmental protection is good, but in the past few years, salmon have not migrated to their birth place for two or three years in a row. The Canadian government was panic and asked experts to investigate, but there has been no result. Salmons migrated again last year, so people breathed a sigh of relief. I would estimate that. Canadian salmons swim as far as the north of the sea of Japan and the south of the Bering sea. The fishing amount of nearby countries is extremely large. Two or three years without salmon migration means that the salmons for that period are extinct. I really hope that humans can have a regular rest for fishing and let them grow.

What I learned from The Life of Salmon

People should make life more mature by experiencing nature, humanity, society and history. They need a sense of mission. Everyone has a different mission, but in the ultimate sense, their missions are the same: to live a better life in the harmonious natural world.

Could the numerous people who watch this work get an inspiration from the salmons and think of their own destiny?